Volvo does not endorse reconditioning Volvo wheels

Volvo Car USA does not approve the use of reconditioned Volvo wheels or any type of process that attempts to restore damaged wheels on Volvo vehicles.

Doing so may result in loss of vehicle control and injury or death to passengers.

When it comes to a damaged wheel, replacement is always a smarter way to go, especially when it comes to peoples’ safety.

Compromising Wheel Strength

Reconditioning damaged Volvo wheels requires processes which can cause deficiencies in wheel strength (e.g., removal of materials, straightening, heating, welding, re-plating).

Reconditioned wheels are unacceptable as they may not meet the design specifications for

Volvo vehicles.

Only Volvo Tires Make the Grade with Volvo Car USA

Volvo does not approve the use of any tire not recommended by Volvo Car. Using tires not recommended by Volvo may result in loss of vehicle control.

Volvo Car USA only approves of wheel repairs limited to cosmetic refinishing that remove and restore paint coatings only.

Any Volvo wheel in close proximity of an impact (e.g., wheelhouse areas) should be carefully examined to ensure integrity. If wheels show distortion of any type, Volvo Car strongly recommends replacing wheels with genuine Volvo wheels.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Using only genuine Volvo parts will help ensure vehicle safety, performance and keep your Volvo operating properly at all times.